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A Magazine of Catholic Political Realism


Luca Adamo

Undergraduate student at Duke University. Columnist for The American Postliberal.

Michael Ippolito

Michael Ippolito is the co-founder and President of the American Postliberal. Michael graduated from the Catholic University of America. He is published in Crisis Magazine, The Daily Signal, The American Spectator, and MRCTV.

Wallace Holt White

Wallace White is a Columnist for The American Postliberal. He attends American University, graduating in 2024. He is featured in The Daily Signal and MRC Culture, reporting and commenting on current events and conservative issues.

The American Postliberal

A magazine of Catholic Political Realism

Vincent G. Schiffiano

J.D. Candidate, University of Kansas M.A. in Human Rights, Catholic University Recipient of the 2022 Transforming Culture in America award from Benedictine College.

Joe Murray

Writer and philosopher pursuing virtue in Washington, D.C. Follow the path of the True Believer.

Shri Thakur

Shri is a rising sophomore at the University of Notre Dame studying economics and constitutional studies. He is the Director of Political Affairs for the Notre Dame College Republicans and the Director of Operations for Notre Dame Right to Life.

Paul Arias

Catholic. Husband. Father. Writing essays on various topics. Contributor @americanpostliberal.

W. Joseph DeReuil

W. Joseph DeReuil studies philosophy at Notre Dame. He is an editorial assistant at Compact Mag and EIC emeritus of the Irish Rover. Words: National Catholic Register, The American Conservative, First Things, The American Postliberal.

William Benson

William G. Benson is a student at The Catholic University of America and the Editor-in-Chief of The American Postliberal. He has been published in The Wall Street Journal, The Federalist, The American Spectator, The Daily Caller, and Crisis Magazine.

Daniel Boyle

Daniel Boyle is an undergraduate student at The Catholic University of America. Daniel is a guest contributor for 100 Movies Every Catholic Should See and a columnist at The American Postliberal.

Tom Sarrouf

Catholic interested in political economy, religion in American public life, and classical political philosophy

Gary Houchens

Gary W. Houchens, Ph.D., is professor in the School of Leadership and Professional Studies and director of the Educational Leadership doctoral program at Western Kentucky University.

John Paul Gamage

John Paul Gamage is a student at The University of British Columbia.


Catholic | Post-Liberal https://twitter.com/EudaimoniaEsq

Emily Johnson

Catholic. Writer. Law student.

Sam Silvestro

Sam is a rising senior at the College of the Holy Cross where he studies Politics and Catholic Studies. His work has been featured in the Federalist, The American Postliberal, and the Fenwick Review.

Chris Coffey

Chris is an Associate Editor at Midwestern Citizen. He is a junior at the University of Michigan studying History, Public Policy, and Medieval & Early Modern Studies. His writing interests include constitutional law and foreign policy.