Unfortunately, your article misrepresents the thrust of the Benedict Option (it is more of a general strategy, and is focused on preserving and rebuilding for a stronger future; this is how St Benedict’s monastic movement led to the creation of Christendom and Western Civilization). As such, it should fit in nicely to your overall narrative.

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1. Most Americans would never accept or tolerate the reduced standard of living that would come with this proposed wide scale return to small-scale agrarian way of life.

2. Also, without a "nation of high-rises and concrete jungles" based on Big Business, Wall Street, Big Tech, etc., the US could not afford to maintain a military sufficient to deter aggressor nations in this age of weapons of mass destruction.

3. I'm afraid that the time of the Jeffersonian American Dream has passed forever.

4. We must make the best out of unfortunate necessities.

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