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Faith is a gift and all persons, with or without faith, are integral participants in the political community. In the face of this reality, where does one begin the enterprise of developing a culture that is capable of acting for the common good rightly understood? Where would the act of evangelizing the culture start? Perhaps with cultivating wonder and recovering it as the first step in understanding the world. Only humans can wonder and every human, with or without faith is capable of wonder. Without wonder we cannot live lives that are genuinely personal. It is an essential part of the proof that the human intellect can see God. Through wonder we perceive the world as gift and we are drawn beyond ourselves to seek the ultimate source of truth and being which is God. Wonder is the first step on the ladder to the Beatific Vision, the model for the common good.

Turning away from wonder was essential to the development of modern philosophy that gave rise to liberalism. Without a return to wonder, there is no cure. Exactly how would this be done? Good question.

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